Curriculum Vitae


Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, NY

Ed.D in Communication & Education, May 2018

Program: Communication, Media, Learning Technology Design

Concentration: Media literacy education and pedagogy; hip-hop pedagogy; new literacy studies, multimodality, media as scholarship; teacher education/professional development centered on social identity work and diversity education; working to create school change through dynamic integration of 21st century skills into teaching practices and curricula

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Master of Science in Education, August 2010

Program: Education, Culture & Society

Concentration: Media literacy education; the effects of intersectionality, privilege, and sociocultural contexts on youth

Master’s Thesis: Media Literacy, Version 2.0(10): How new media practices are challenging existing programs designed for adolescent girls and considerations for the future.

Dickinson College, Carlisle, PA

Bachelor of Arts, May 2007

Majors: Sociology and Women’s Studies

Syracuse University – London Program, London, England

Study Abroad Program, Fall 2005

Concentration: Cross-cultural comparisons on race, class, and urban environments


Media literacy education; curriculum development for K-6 media education; teacher and parent education; how media texts and education can empower women, educate youth, and help challenge issues of race and racism.

The media’s role in adolescent girls’ identity development; gender studies; adolescent girls and body image, body dissatisfaction, internalization, objectification; issues of gender and identity formation.

New media practices and behaviors, particularly concerning social media; multimodality; new media literacies; relationships between author and audience, producer and consumer; using the media for social change, social justice, and civic engagement.

Race, racism, and white privilege; creating safe spaces in which to talk about race and racism; dispelling the myth of colorblindness and working towards a movement of anti-racism; educating youth, peers, and adults about the importance of affinity groups and cross-racial alliances.

Culturally-relevant pedagogy; hip-hop pedagogy; using students’ knowledge as a vehicle for learning. Celebrating young people’s lived experiences and working with them to create spaces and opportunities to share their stories and use their voices.


Pre-Doctoral Fellow at The Media Education Lab  (September 2010-August 2011)

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

  • Supported the research process, including the preparation of written reports;
  • Assisted with grantsmanship and other development efforts related to the Media Education Lab;
  • Supported the development and implementation of the Media Education Lab’s programming including organizing events, increasing outreach and visibility efforts in the Delaware Valley, and co-facilitating professional development workshops for educators.
  • Coordinated the work of other team members and collaborative groups associated with the Media Education Lab;
  • Trained and supported undergraduate volunteers and interns. 


Digital Storytelling, Lead Instructor  (October 2013-May 2014)

Frederick Douglas Academy II, New York, NY

  • Will be working with students in grades 10 and 11 in a digital storytelling after school class. The class is a part of the Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) program created by the Office of School Community Partnerships at Teachers College, Columbia University. We will spend time on the craft of storytelling and the power of stories and being a storyteller; as we move through the year, students will engage in written, spoken, and multimedia projects to tell their own stories.

Storying Lives and Understanding the Media, Teacher  (September 2012-May 2013)

KIPP S.T.A.R. Charter School, New York, NY

  • Developed and taught a class for middle school students (grades 5 and 6) that explores the basic tenets of media literacy (asking critical questions of media images and messages) in order to deconstruct representations of race, class and gender in mass media and popular culture texts. In learning how to deconstruct advertisements, television shows, song lyrics, etc., students are developing a set of skills and tools that will enable them to actively participate, rather than passively consume, the elements of the media-saturated world in which they live. The class largely focuses on providing students with a unique platform and opportunity to express themselves and to create greater connections between their experiences inside and outside of the classroom through the telling of written and visual stories.

English Education and the Media Age, Teaching Assistant for Dr. Ernest Morrell (Summer 2012)

Teachers College, New York, NY

  • Advised students on final papers and in-class presentations
  • Provided administrative and online support for course

Teaching English in Diverse Social & Cultural Contexts, Teaching Assistant for Dr. Marc Lamont Hill (Spring 2012)

Teachers College, New York, NY

  • Responded to students’ weekly reading responses
  • Led class discussions on occasion
  • Advised students on final papers, group presentations, and student-teaching experiences and challenges
  • Assisted instructor with grading


Professional Consultant, Teachers College Community School  (September 2013-December 2013)

  • Consulting and working with the Teachers College Community School librarian to collaboratively design a library and literacy curriculum for the current grades (PK-2, school will eventually be PK-8) that focuses on 21st century skills, lifelong reading skills, and new media and literacy practices. The aim is to help children understand from an early age that literacy is multimodal by engaging students in critical discussions and interactive and creative projects.

Consulting Assistant, Derrick Gay Consulting  (August 2013-Present) 

  • Assisting in research and preparation of keynote speeches, workshops for school leaders, teachers, and parents around issues and topics of diversity and inclusivity.

Consultant, The Lower Eastside Girls Club  (September 2012-Present) 

  • Co-created a ten-week curriculum for an all-girls after school non-profit organization. Girls range from 7-18 years of age, so there will be three tiers of developmentally appropriate content that addresses health & wellness, arts & humanities, science & technology, academics, financial literacy & entrepreneurship, and ethics & civic engagement.
  • Pilot study of the curriculum is scheduled for October 2013.

Content Expert, Common Sense Media, Inc. (May-August 2012)

  • Reviewed educational content and lesson plans for an online curriculum concerning digital citizenship, youth behaviors and activities on the Internet, specifically on social networking sites
  • Provided comprehensive feedback—suggestions, questions, and critiques of content and consulted with staff members on how to strengthen lessons 

In-School Mentor, Powerful Voices for KidsTM Program  (January-May 2011) 

Temple University/Wayne Elementary School, Radnor, PA

  • Visited Wayne Elementary School once a week and collaborated with teachers on how to implement creative and effective digital and media literacy tools and concepts into existing projects and curriculum. Offering the mentorship on-site, during the school day, provided an innovative approach to facilitating staff development.
  • Supported provision of resources, materials, and various forms of feedback to meet the needs of students and faculty, while gaining an appreciation of the specific school culture.
  • Worked with teachers, administrators, and parents to help strengthen students’ critical thinking and communication skills and contributed to their digital and media literacy competencies.
  • Offered The Media Club as an afterschool activity at Wayne Elementary on Thursday afternoons. Over the course of two months, seven 3rd graders explored media literacy concepts in greater depth and produced their own media texts. 

Lead Instructor, Powerful Voices for KidsTM Program  (June-August 2010)

Temple University/Russell Byers Charter School, Philadelphia, PA

  • Responsible for developing and implementing a media literacy and technology integration curriculum with children enrolled in PVK.
  • Actively participated as a team member in planning and implementing program activities.
  • Documented all aspects of my work in the program including lesson plans, field notes, and personal reflection essays for research and assessment purposes.


Student Leadership Council, National Association of Media Literacy Education, Inaugural member (January 2014 – present)


The William F. Hufstader Senior Prize, awarded to one woman and one man at graduation for making the greatest contribution to the good of the college during their undergraduate years (May 2007)

Wheel and Chain Society, membership awarded to seven senior women on basis of participation in campus activities, service to the college and community, leadership skills and personal character (2006-2007)

Rho Lambda Honorary Society, membership awarded based on leadership and service to the Greek community (2007) 


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American Educational Research Association, Member

National Council of Teachers of English, Member

National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE), Student Leadership Committee

Temple University, The Center for Media and Information Literacy, Researcher                         

University of Pennsylvania, Center for Urban Ethnography, Reviewer


3MinuteMedia, Teachers College, Member

Racial Literacy Roundtables, Teachers College, Member

FAAN Mail, Philadelphia Media Literacy/Social Activism Project, Member

The Center for Information and Media Literacy, Temple University, Associate Researcher and Member

Philadelphia Youth Media Collaborative, Member