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The Need to Educate the Rich Kids of Instagram

There is a new Tumblr page that has been getting quite a bit of attention in the last few weeks. It’s got an unoriginal, yet strangely catchy title that would cause almost anyone to click… Continue reading

Visual & Written Story 4: Where I Am Now

Where I Am Now   Yesterday I completed my first semester as a teaching assistant. While my only major responsibility as the TA was responding to the students’ weekly reading responses, there were… Continue reading

Visual & Written Story 3: Public Speaking

Public Speaking I can hear my heart beat in my ears. The blood’s pounding, pulsing through my veins. The butterflies in my stomach just.won’t.quit. My right hand shakes in the slightest as I… Continue reading

Visual & Written Story #2: The Stories of Girls

The Stories of Girls    Growing up, we are told stories. Dozens of stories, perhaps hundreds of stories. Stories about love, about hope, about happiness. About funny and fantastical characters, places, and situations… Continue reading

Lessons for Life in Academia: Learning to Defy the Dominant Discourse (or at least taking the first few baby steps in the right direction)

[a post started in December, that I am just revisiting and finishing up now] In class last night, one of my professors (a man who has been teaching the same subject at the… Continue reading